Art to develop a Philosophy of Life.
A Philosophy of Life expressed through Art

Born in ’82 Simon Huesler started his journey as a human being here on earth. In his early 20’s he began to professionalize commissioned design work and studied Graphic Design at the University of applied Sciences in Lucerne, Strategic Creativity at the IED in Barcelona and Civic Design at the HEAD in Geneva among others.

After establishing Display*, a design & communication studio based in Switzerland, he decided to focus on the process and development of his artistic path. Since then, he has been living between Switzerland and Barcelona to cultivate a joyful state of mind through unpredictable artworks.

His background as a graphic designer is part of his artistic language and helped to develop his personal signature. All images are created at the playful intersection of cognitive and intuitive elements, with immediate reality as inspiration. Visualized with pure ink on raw paper, "Life On Earth" reflects his intimate  (Interaktion) expression of recent experiences and the beauty of different feelings colliding in these moments.