Use art to develop a Philosophy of Life Express a Philosophy of Life through Art

Life on Earth is the body of work of Simon Huesler. A multidisciplinary artist and designer whose creative output includes drawings, paintings and photography as well as graphic design and printmaking. Having a background in design, he uses his craft of visual expression to alter the path of his life. His creations are both; an intimate reflection on his immediate experience as a human being here on earth as well as the materialisation of his dreams and desires that inform future. To put it in his own words; User Art to develop a philosophy of life, Use arte to express a philosophy of life. (To find meaning / create future) His work, both, literal or abstract, seeks to reveal the beauty in the mondaine, strenghtening one of the most powerful skills: to be able to find beauty and pleasure in the immediate reality. In his process of creation, Simon plays with the friction between the cognitive and intuitive. conceptualizing vision and the unpredicted, unforgiving and pure nature of ink being dispersed over paper guided by mere intuition of the immediate moment. His works represent the pursue of happiness and the power of our minds to create selffullfilling prophecies.