I use Art to develop a Philosophy of Life. I express a Philosophy of Life through Art.

To whom it may concern:

Dear fellow human,
The moments lived, thoughts thought, emotions felt. Small or big gather here in form of this collection, adequatly named Life on Earth.

Consisting of Photographs, Notes, Writings, this is a continious dialogue between inner and outer world.

It represents something I truly love: living. Beeing. Its the habit of observing, of expressing my philosofy of life.

It is. After all. Also a dialogue with you, dear visitor.
On Creating

I create art. For beauty, yes. To watch ink dissolving on paper, yes. And yes, for the solace too.

But more so. It’s more then that. To me.

A way of understanding the world. A tool to sharpen perception. A way of making sense, of expression a philosophy of life onto a world without.

It’s how I call close those I want to cross my path. A way of creating future.

It’s a habit, a lifestyle. Life.

On a Mission

It’s very hard to explain on here. I like to walk. I give talks. I hope to inspire, myself first and foremost.

I run a design studio, I midigate trust for people, I make a living from beeing reliable.

I also like very much to be a child.

My challenge is to prove that monday can be like sunday, that i can make a decent living with just thinking, creating and sharing.

That I can use art to create the future I want.
That Art can provide meaning
That it’s possible to make a living out of it